How did I overcome my fibroid problem?


Patricia Meausoone

Is it possible to overcome fibroids? Can endometriosis surgeries be avoided? Naturally?

Read or listen to this recovery testimonial and see how it is possible to overcome this disease naturally.

Good morning, my name is Patricia, I am French Venezuelan, I live in Dallas, United States and today I want to share my story with you and I want to share it with you. my experience with Bien Plantado. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with a fibroid, for me it was a totally new situation that caused me a lot of problems, a lot of bleeding, a lot of anaemia and a lot of very unpleasant and painful symptoms, so I had a lot of problems.rte also had endometriosis  I tried many hormone treatments, I was given pills, I was operated on several times and the truth is that I found it difficult to get rid of the fibroid. 

For me it was a very unpleasant experience and I realised during that experience that when I ate certain types of food [strong,the symptoms got  worse, it was like an intuitive thing that I saw when I ate greasy or very sweet things, it was like an intuitive thing that I saw when I ate greasy or very sweet things, it was like I was eating a certain type of foodhe pain was getting stronger, causing more bleeding. I naturally told my doctors here in the United States about it, but they didn’t give it much importance, they said, it has nothing to do with your problem, and they always dismissed it. 

But I insisted and started to find out on my own, I started to read a lot online, one tries to look for solutions by one’s own means and talking to people around me, suddenly my mum told me about the one of Dr. Adriana and her programme and at once it really caught my attention because I said ohh! this is what I’ve been looking for for a long time.

I met the doctor, we did an interview and I signed up for the programme and for me it was very revealing because she hit the nail on the head of everything that was happening to me, so I learned a lot about nutrition, about how our body works, that really we have no idea how it works or we don’t really understand it well and for me it was a great relief to get this programme and to follow the doctor because she hits the nail on the head on all the things that were happening to me that I wasn’t making up, rt was really being felt by my body and my experience day by day.

Little by little I integrated his teachings, the principles of nutrition; I continued with my treatments anyway and what was my surprise that a few months after I had the operation I said:“I’m going to keep doing it because it’s good for my health anyway, regardless of my fibroid problem”, six months after my last operation, to my surprise, I went to the gynaecologist and it had disappeared, There was nothing else left, my own doctor was very surprised, what happened here?

I just wanted to share it because I do strongly believe that it has a lot to do with nutrition, the dietary changes that I started to follow and that really played a key role in my recovery and in my healing process from this problem that I had,  Thank you for listening to my story.

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