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1. Successful stress management

Learn the scientific fundamentals that explain the ravages of stress in our lives and discover the most effective tool to combat it every day.

2. Emotions that affect your health

Explore the top 10 emotions that affect your health and learn how to manage them much better to obtain wonderful results in your emotional wonderful results in your emotional health and therefore, in your physical health. health.

3. Emotional tools to improve your health

Discover the 7 most powerful emotional tools to improve your mood, regardless of the situation you are in, so you can have an excellent emotional health and therefore, an excellent physical and integral health. These tools are explained in two classes of two hours each.

4. Motivation to exercise

Have you tried to implement the important habit of exercise in your life and not been able to? Learn in this lecture benefits of exercise that you didn’t know and useful tips to implement this important habit successfully in your life.

5. Acidity and alkalinity

Learn the difference between a diet and lifestyle that promotes acidity or alkalinity in your body. You will discover the power of alkalinity in your life.

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