Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

¡No! Results are achieved solely through the diet plan, without the need for pills, drugs, multivitamin supplements or shakes. There is no sale of such products behind this food. Bien Plantado suggests working on all three areas of a healthy lifestyle to boost results.

With this diet, it is necessary to eat until you are satisfied. Many studies have shown that by eating ad libitum (without limit) people achieve significant weight loss. Because this diet is naturally high in fibre, it is impossible to overeat. Your own body tells you when to stop, so you will never overdo it and by eating this way, you will never get hungry. For slim people it is important to add good sources of fat and calorie-dense foods so as not to lose more weight. We teach this in Bien Plantado.

Although there are some options for eating out while following this type of diet, we strongly recommend that you consider learning to prepare your food at home to experience the full benefits. There is nothing like the satisfaction of savouring home-cooked dishes. For this reason, Bien Plantado accompanies you with cooking courses so that you can become familiar with cooking food, gain confidence and prepare food in advance to save time in preparation.

In a matter of days. Obviously it depends on the results you are looking for, but the vast majority of people who have applied this information with Bien Plantado, as well as participants in studies published in the scientific literature, report that within two to three days of applying the changes they feel improved digestion, more energy and better sleep quality. Weight loss usually begins to show after one week and lipid profile changes after two to three weeks.

Absolutely! Many high-performance athletes and bodybuilders are discovering that this diet, being optimal for their bodies, is therefore optimal for their physical performance, athletic performance and recovery. Bien Plantado has had the opportunity to mentor several athletes and triathletes who have seen significant improvements in themselves after making the changes.

The diet taught by Bien Plantado will provide you with all the macronutrients and micronutrients you need for optimal health. There is one exception that exists in the vast majority of food types with Vitamin B12: thanks to the sterilisation of all foods from the earth, it is not present in these foods and a significant deficiency has been observed at the population level. When following our recommendations 100% it is important to add this nutrient through supplementation. Bien Plantado does not sell such products, there is a wide range on the market.

One of the most common myths about healthy eating is that it is expensive. In fact, you will save money by choosing to eat real, unprocessed food, whether it is organic or not. Real food is food from the earth that is more cost-effective and nutritionally dense than any packaged product on the supermarket shelf.

¡No! The type of feeding that Bien Plantado teaches actually does the opposite. Thanks to a deeper understanding of nutrition, people understand that the reductionist approach of only thinking about calories and portions usually leads to failure in achieving long-term results. It is not necessary and is counterproductive.

¡Yes! They have been able to do clinical studies only evaluating the diet and positive results are obtained. But they have also done studies implementing the three spheres recommended by Bien Plantado and the results are even better. The most positive aspect is that by working on your diet you will naturally feel better and have more energy to exercise. Also by managing your stress on a daily basis you are mentally fertilising your brain so that eating and exercise habits are established for the long term. The whole body functions better if you give it everything it needs.

¡Yes! We know that change processes present a lot of concerns and doubts that need to be resolved on the same day in order to achieve the results you are looking for. For this reason, accompaniment is included in the Bien Plantado educational programme during the period when most questions arise when applying this information.

¡Yes! You register to attend the educational programme virtually and watch it from the comfort of your own home. It is an excellent opportunity for the people in your home to learn and understand why you want to start making healthy changes for your health and their health.

At all ages. As the food that provides the highest quantity and quality of macronutrients and micronutrients to the body, it ensures not only optimal growth of children from birth but also an excellent immune system to help them successfully fight the most prevalent childhood diseases.

¡Yes! Especially if they are suffering from a chronic degenerative disease. We strongly recommend that, if people have a chronic disease such as hypertension or diabetes, they should notify their doctor if they are going to make any dietary changes as most people improve significantly within days of implementing the change and if no adjustments in medication are made, these can significantly lower blood pressure or glycaemia figures and can therefore be very dangerous for the patient. Please review our terms and conditions.

There is no better way to establish healthy habits in a human being than from the very beginning of his or her existence. Studies show that tastes are established from gestation onwards depending on what the mother consumes and this continues during breastfeeding. The diet recommended by Bien Plantado, by providing an ideal quality and quantity of nutrients*, is optimal for humans at all stages of growth, including gestation.
*It is advisable to follow your doctor’s advice on multivitamin supplementation, including folic acid and Vitamin B12, which is always recommended regardless of the type of diet.

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