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Terms and conditions of use

The present contract regulates the legal relationship of rights and obligations between BIEN PLANTADO SAS and the User of the electronic platform website identified with the domain BIENPLANTADO.COM.
CBP and BIEN PLANTADO are distinctive signs with trademark registration owned by the legal representative of BIEN PLANTADO SAS, a commercial company identified with NIT 901.256.895-2 constituted and bound by the laws of the Republic of Colombia. Likewise, CBP and BIEN PLANTADO are commercial establishments subject to commercial registration before the Chamber of Commerce of the domicile of BIEN PLANTADO SAS. For all legal purposes the address of BIEN PLANTADO SAS is Calle 129 A # 54 – 47. 111111. Bogotá D.C., Colombia.

By accessing, using, and purchasing any product or service from our website the User freely and voluntarily agrees to be bound by all of the terms and conditions, and any other legal act referred to in or to these. Before finalising the sale and completing your order, if you have any requests, complaints or claims please contact our customer service team via e-mail [email protected].
Intellectual Property

The intellectual property rights of the site are owned by or licensed to BIEN PLANTADO SAS. The disclosure, reproduction, distribution or public communication of all or part of any part of this tool is strictly prohibited without the prior express written authorisation of BIEN PLANTADO SAS or its respective owner. The content presented on the site, including information, photographic, multimedia and advertising material, is the exclusive property of or licensed to BIEN PLANTADO SAS, and the use of the information contained therein is the sole responsibility of BIEN PLANTADO SAS or third parties expressly authorised to do so. Unauthorised persons shall refrain from removing or re-using such information.

BIENPLANTADO SAS has the right to refuse the user’s access to the website with domain BIENPLANTADO.COM or any of the associated profiles on social networks and to refuse access to BIENPLANTADO SAS courses on other platforms. The User understands that no credit approval is carried out on this tool.

Personal information

Any personal information you provide to us will be treated under our Personal Data Policy which will explain what personal information we require from the User, how and why it will be requested, and how it will be collected, stored, used; as well as, the rights in relation to the handling of the User’s personal data and the channel of contact with BIEN PLANTADO SAS and SUPERINTENDENCIA DE INDUSTRIA Y COMERCIO in case of any request, complaint or claim in relation to the handling of personal data.


All the content of BIENPLANTADO.COM is purely and exclusively informative, it is not intended to replace the diagnosis, advice and/or opinion of your doctor or other health professional, so the way in which the information is used is under the sole responsibility of the User.

The content presented on BIENPLANTADO.COM does not constitute a diagnosis of any disease or other health condition. Such diagnosis can only be made by a qualified physician or licensed health care professional. The information on BIENPLANTADO.COM may not be used as a substitute for seeking further information, diagnosis or treatment from my physician or other qualified health care provider. The transmission and receipt of any information during or after videoconferences, including any communication via the Internet, chat or email, does not constitute medical advice or create a doctor-patient or other professional health care relationship with BIEN PLANTADO SAS. It is not the cause, purpose, object or intention of BIENPLANTADO.COM to provide specific medical advice.

BIEN PLANTADO SAS merely provides users with the information necessary to better understand the nature of the body. No specific medical advice is or will be provided in any of the interactions between CBP, WELL PLANTED and the User. It is recommended that a qualified medical professional be consulted to obtain a diagnosis and answer your personal questions.

BIEN PLANTADO SAS is not responsible for any damage or harm derived from the misuse of the information on the website, social networks, e-mails, text messages and/or any other means of communication related to BIENPLANTADO.COM, as the User understands and accepts that access to this tool, as well as the use that may be made of the services and information contained therein, are the sole responsibility of the User who performs them.

BIENPLANTADO may make, at any time and without prior notice, changes in the presentation and configuration of the website, social networks, emails, text messages related to BIENPLANTADO.COM, as well as in the contents and services of this.

You warn that some of the texts contained in the website, social networks, links and/or information included therein may not be truthful or updated or may have been received or informed by third parties over which BIEN PLANTADO SAS has no control. For this reason, BIEN PLANTADO SAS shall not be liable for any errors or omissions relating to information that is not its own, nor for any damages that may be caused as a result of the use of such information. Furthermore, it should be noted that although this is a secure website, it is not error-free and therefore the general information, as well as the characteristics of the products advertised and prices, may vary due to human error, technological errors, manipulation by unauthorised third parties, viruses or any event of technological invasion or manipulation.

BIEN PLANTADO SAS has the possibility to obtain magnetic records in order to have evidence of the operations and/or transactions carried out by the User. It reserves the right to carry out subsequent verifications of any transaction executed by the User, as well as to request confirmation of the transaction by the User. In addition, BIEN PLANTADO SAS is able to refuse purchases made by the User purchaser, either partially or totally, of any offer presented on the website and/or social networks. In such a case, BIEN PLANTADO shall recognise to the Purchasing User the money corresponding to the value of the rejected transaction.
Customer User Registration

Every User of the website begins his legal relationship with BIENPLANTADO.COM as a Guest, being the holder of all the rights and obligations of the present terms and conditions and other legal acts referred from or to these. The Guest User shall have the right to register as a Customer User.

The User Client must handle with complete confidentiality his account, as well as any other identification number or password of the User Client, regardless of whether these have been provided by BIEN PLANTADO SAS or selected by the User Client. All activities carried out on your account, such as returns, exchanges, enquiries, requests and other activities, are your sole responsibility.

Therefore, it is necessary that the Customer User has electronic security devices and adopts the necessary measures to avoid, among others: impersonation, the use of his information by third parties, fraud, intrusions, viruses, spies and the like. In addition, these security devices can be used to verify the User’s identity.

Subscription to email marketing newsletters is voluntary and may be selected at the time you create your account.
Sale and purchase of products and services

BIENPLANTADO.COM is a website with e-commerce development, in which BIENPLANTADO SAS, as a seller, publishes products and services to offer them for sale to the User. The contract shall be governed by the civil and commercial laws of the Republic of Colombia and the following conditions.
Offer – Order.

By selecting products and services and placing an order on the website, the User is making an offer to purchase the product or service. All orders are subject to availability and confirmation. By clicking to accept these terms and conditions at the time of registration, or at the time of ordering, you, as a Customer User, whether or not you place an order, are presumed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions in full. By placing an order, the Customer User acquires the status of a buyer. The buyer must read and confirm his order before making the payment and requesting the shipment for the delivery of the products or services, physical or electronic, in case of any error in quantity, quality, reference, colour or any other attribute of the object of the sale can correct them prior to the payment of the order in the shopping cart.

Once the payment has been made through the corresponding authorised payment platform, BIEN PLANTADO SAS will send an order confirmation email with a sales invoice without completing the purchase contract, the order confirmation email is not an acceptance of the purchase offer. BIEN PLANTADO SAS may refuse the order for the following reasons:
1. Inventory out of stock of the requested references.
2. Technical impossibility to confirm the payment made.
3. Legal impossibility to sell products and services to the User.
4. Errors in the description of the object or price of the products or services published.

The purchase contract is concluded when the payment has been approved, the prices have been verified and the order has been processed and shipped. The purchaser, as a resident abroad, accepts and declares that he/she will consume and/or use all the services provided by BIEN PLANTADO SAS only outside the territory of the Republic of Colombia.

All content, advice and services covered by the contract of sale and purchase included in the Programmes offered by BIEN PLANTADO SAS are provided by residents of the Republic of Colombia.

Money laundering

The User by consenting to any of the legal acts that are perfected when making transactions in BIENPLANTADO.COM, declares under oath, that his income comes from lawful activities, that he is not found with negative registration in national or international lists of prevention of money laundering, that he is not within one of the two categories of money laundering (conversion or movement) and that consequently, he is obliged to respond to BIEN PLANTADO SAS for all damages that may be caused as a result of this affirmation. It shall also be liable to third parties. It also declares that its conduct is in accordance with the law and ethics and, consequently, it undertakes to implement measures to prevent its operations from being used with or without its consent and knowledge as instruments for the concealment, management, investment or use in any form of money or other assets derived from criminal activities, or to give the appearance of legality to these activities. In the same sense, it undertakes to act within the legal framework in force in Colombia, complying with all the procedures, formalities and obligations contemplated in the Law and other relevant regulations and that any evidence that these principles are not complied with or may be in question will be sufficient cause to terminate, at the discretion of the party in compliance, the Contract resulting from its acceptance.
Bien Plantado SAS reserves the right to change or modify these terms without notice.

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