The system has been verified by hundreds of people in Latin America.

that Transforms Your Understanding of Optimal Nutrition
for your body and your health.

Discover the power of nutrition

Transforma tu salud en semanas con el Sistema TEN.

Transform your health in weeks with the TEN System.

The ultimate nutrition course that will change your life.

Recover your wellbeing in record time

The road to health with TEN-System.

Improvement of symptoms within a few days

Discover the power of healthy eating.

Your passport to optimal health

A journey of transformation with our food system.

Improved medical examination results

Join the change with Sistema TEN.

TEN System

Your key to a healthier and happier life in record time.

Decreases dependence on drugs

The course that will help you nourish yourself to heal and overcome your health problems.

The system verified by hundreds of people

Optimal nutrition course for a healthier life!

Eliminates drug dependency

through truly healthy eating
so that your food is the fuel for your triumph.

Do you feel that your health is on the back burner?

Despite all your efforts and professional achievements, you fail to improve it.

Looking for clear vision and optimal health?

The TEN System is the practical and sustainable performance path for your whole life.

Have you tried dozens of external solutions?

The real transformation of your health starts from within.

What have thousands of people in Latin America learned?

To eat in an optimal and really healthy way.

Benefits of the
TEN System

Inadequate nutrition leads your body to become inflamed, fatigued and then sick. They understood this and acted to solve their illnesses:

Successful results in VIDEO

Successful results in NETWORKS

Successful results in TEXT

Paola Bejarano – 21/08/2022
well planted stars testimonials
I started studying the TEN system in accompaniment of a friend with ALS, but I began to understand and apply concepts and the changes have been incredible. Studying and understanding why I had to change my style was a joy! Everything started to make sense, coherence. The learning method is practical.
Thank you for sharing all the guidance.

Marithza Rodríguez – 21/03/2023
well planted stars testimonials
If you have had a health condition and are looking for valuable information on how to improve it, the TEN system is perfect! She has a very approachable way of exemplifying everything and that is very valuable. I understood many things, learned many more and taught me that it is in me to change and to be healthy. Highly recommended!

Marcela Piratova – 05/12/2021
well planted stars testimonials
From the moment we decided that my son, who is now three years old, would start a healthy diet, we decided that he should eat a healthy diet. was the best decision we could have made He was diagnosed with renal insufficiency which has improved a lot thanks to his good nutrition, he has evolved and the medication has been withdrawn. It is incredible how good nutrition changes our lives and cures us of illnesses.

Adriana Vinasco – 18/06/2022
well planted stars testimonials
Due to my health condition, I was looking for something natural to improve my quality of life, when I saw the TEN system, with such valuable information, it opened my eyes, mind and ears and I made the decision to go ahead and today after a little over a year, I can say that it is the best decision I could have made, My health has improved 100%, I no longer take any medication.

Every morsel of food interacts with your cells, affects your hormones, influences your microbiota and determines your energy.

Diseases and people who can be healed with the TEN-System

Understand and learn how the TEN System transforms health.
and improves quality of life in a variety of cases,
from common illnesses to chronic diseases
and helping high-performance sportsmen and women.

Angina Pectoris

It helps resolve angina symptoms within weeks by modifying risk factors such as high cholesterol and hypertension, thus transforming heart health.


A truly healthy diet is anti-inflammatory in nature, significantly reducing and eliminating inflammation and pain.

Overweight and obesity

With nutrition education and healthy eating, you can lose weight effectively and sustainably and maintain a healthy body weight for life.

Autoimmune diseases

Strengthening the immune system with food regulates the inflammatory response and reduces inflammation and symptoms in autoimmune diseases.


A diet rich in the necessary nutrients strengthens the immune system and contributes to the prevention and treatment of cancer, improving quality of life.

Diseases of the colon

A diet naturally rich in fibre heals your intestinal flora and contributes to the health of your colon by reversing chronic colon diseases.


Learn the real cause of diabetes and the best strategies for controlling your blood sugar, which is essential for diabetes management.

High-performance sportsmen and women

Athletes require a solid nutritional foundation to optimise performance, endurance and recovery, thereby maximising their athletic potential.

The TEN System will teach you to:

The unique TEN System has been designed and verified
for those who want professional success, vitality, mental clarity,
a life free of dependency and much more!

Content of the
TEN System

This is what you will receive when you invest in your health, in learning the TEN System!

  • Theme 1: Understanding nutrition - Clearing up the confusion.
  • Topic 2: Nutrition research → Important findings you didn't know about.
  • Topic 3: Cardiovascular disease.
  • Theme 4: Oxidative stress and phytonutrients.
  • Topic 5: Everything you need to know about protein.
  • Topic 6: Everything you need to know about carbohydrates.
  • Topic 7: Diabetes and the real cause of this chronic disease.
  • Theme 8: The vital role of fibre beyond the gut.
  • Topic 9: Overweight and obesity and their relationship to calorie density, good and bad fats.
  • Theme 10: Transforming your Understanding of Nutrition → Distinguish lifelong healthy vs. unhealthy foods.

Modules included in the TEN System

Lifetime access to current and future bonds and resources

In addition, access to specific topics to improve your understanding:

Motivation for exercise

Learn how to make exercise a habit in your life.

Reading nutrition labels

Concepts to consider when choosing your food.

Acidity and alkalinity

Learn their differences and apply the power of alkalinity in your life.

Feeding away from home

Useful tips for a lifestyle anywhere in your city or the world.

Recipe book

More than 50 recipes that can be adapted to your daily routine and that will captivate you from the first time you try them.

Healthy cooking for non-cooks

Nutritious and delicious dishes dictated in a live master class.

Dra. Adriana Cortés

Thank you for being here, for wanting to improve your life or because your health condition is critical and you don’t want to keep waiting for results that don’t come. You already have a clear priority in your life: to live healthy and happy. What you don’t do today will lead to unwanted results tomorrow.

And if you have questions like....

How can I regain my good health and quality of life? How can I be healed without medication, in a natural way? How do I give wellbeing and peace of mind to my family when I am healthy?

The answers to these and many other questions are available in the TEN-System, where I demonstrate with scientific evidence how it is YES IT IS POSSIBLE from eating to eating optimallyunderstanding the functioning ofnourishing the body and nourishing it excellently, recovering the body’s natural healthand vitality and increasing your energy.

The TEN System has been applied and verified by hundreds of people in Latin America.

Inadequate nutrition leads your body to become inflamed, fatigued and then sick. They understood this and acted to solve their illnesses:

Successful results in VIDEO

Successful results in NETWORKS

Successful results in TEXT

Maite Mosquera – 21/10/2022
well planted stars testimonials
Through the TEN system I obtained the necessary information to make me aware of the great need for change in my diet that my body deserves and needs. It was eye-opening to see how a healthy diet can fill your body with health. A great gift for my life.

Neri Osorio – 03/08/2022
well planted stars testimonials
I am convinced that God placed the TEN system in the way. We had been going to doctors for many years and improving our diet with much more information about what is really healthy food has changed the health of all the members of our family. Thanks to Dr. Cortes for being so didactic in her presentation.

Consuelo Perico – 21/02/2023
well planted stars testimonials
Excellent, the TEN system of Bien Plantado has been a valuable experience for my life. The change towards a Natural, Healthy and Conscious diet has been very favourable for my Health. I have much more vitality, my cholesterol has dropped radically and in general I feel better since I changed my diet, I totally recommend it. Thank you Dr. Adriana

Iván Muñoz – 12/10/2022
well planted stars testimonials
Learning about healthy and natural eating is changing my wife’s and my life, with the TEN system we have learnt something fundamental for our lives, it is a process of changing habits based on our food.

Every morsel of food interacts with your cells, affects your hormones, influences your microbiota and determines your energy.

Complete satisfaction guarantee

100% Full Guarantee
For your peace of mind and complete satisfaction you can request a 100% refund if you are not satisfied within 10 calendar days.
Until today, no one has asked us for reimbursement!!!!

Now is the time to make the best decision for a successful and healthy life.

Previously $1,281 USD


We have the answers to your possible doubts

Never!!!, the TEN System goes beyond a diet like many you find on the interne
t It is an educational programme resulting from more than fifteen years of research and experience that teaches you how the body and nutrition work and how they interact.
With this knowledge, you will be able to make informed decisions about your diet without strictly following a pre-established plan or diet.

No, the TEN-System is designed for beginners as well as for those with previous knowledge.
Our aim is to provide a solid, simple and clear basis, regardless of the learner’s level of knowledge or experience.
No, the TEN System approach is based on a nutritious diet with natural foods that are accessible at all latitudes.
We do not promote the purchase of any food supplements of any value, nor do we promote the purchase of hard-to-find foods.
We understand the demands and time requirements of a professional career.
That’s why the TEN System is designed to be easily applied to your daily routine, providing practical strategies and tips to suit busy lifestyles.
By studying the TEN System, you become part of our community.
You will have access to support and be able to raise any questions or concerns, ensuring that you always have the professional and experienced guidance and support you need.
Our commitment is to your success and well-being as well as your results.
While each person is unique and results may vary according to their perseverance, commitment, dedication and application of what is taught, the first proof is that the TEN System has helped thousands of people in Latin America transform their understanding and approach to nutrition.
We will always be here to accompany and support you on your way to this happy destination: good health.

Unlike many programmes that focus only on nutrition, the TEN System focuses on educating you on a deeper level. It is not just a question of “what” to eat, but “why” and “how” to eat. This deeper understanding facilitates the adoption and maintenance of healthy habits in the long term.

Once the payment has been made, you will receive all the information you need to start studying and learning immediately by e-mail.

Once you have added the TEN System to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout, you will be able to pay with your debit and credit card as well as multiple payment options, including cash, available through the technology company ePayco.

Of course, for this we have the following channels of attention and solution of concerns:
Phone: +57 316 078 9898
E-mail: sanatecon @

Join our community of people on the road to optimal health

No matter how hard you look, you won't find a more perfect solution to learn and improve your nutrition. The TEN System will help you to get out of your current health problems and if you do not make the decision today, if you do not make a change in your habits, in your life and in your health, the result will be the same as you have been experiencing in the past: pain and illness.

Sistema TEN

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