How did I overcome grade IV endometriosis?


Norma Molina

Is it possible to overcome endometriosis without medication? Is there a way to reverse diseases naturally?

Read or listen to this recovery testimonial and see how it is possible to overcome illness naturally.

My name is Norma Molina, I am a speech therapist and breastfeeding consultant, and a few years ago I met Dr. Adriana from Bien Plantado, who really helped me to change my life impressively, she came at a crucial moment when I had diagnosed a few years ago with deep endometriosis grade 4 I had already been making many changes, but Dr. Adriana came to help me with a lot of nutritional information and at a time when I was told that I had to undergo a very big surgery, where through laparoscopy they had to remove part of my bowel, my bladder and a large part of my reproductive system.

I have always dreamed of being a mother and for me it has always been in my heart, I wanted to fulfil my dream and well, as life would have it, Dr. Adriana came along, I am starting to follow his whole methodology which I really loved because it is based on giving you arguments why you should do it..

I ended up making a lot of changes in my diet and my lifestyle to be able to enter that surgery in the best possible way, I wish I could avoid it, but I knew it was too big a challenge in my condition, finally went into surgery and I am doing very well, even though it was a very very long surgery and I know that it was a very long surgery. finally it was the product of all the work of several months before to get myself mentally prepared, to change my diet, to heal my body, to go from less to more.I come out of surgery with an ileostomy that was budgeted for two months, this ileostomy lasts five months and by December 2022 they remove it and I start fertility treatment, all the doctors, even the fertility doctors, did not have much hope, but I always trusted in God and in the whole process that I have been through for years so that the moment of our dreams, my husband’s and mine, would become a reality, I knew we could do it, and on the first attempt of our in vitro we were able to fulfil our dream.

Today I am seven months into a happy, happy pregnancy, expecting my baby and knowing that I already have many tools for my well-being and his.

To be Bien Plantado,
and healthy for life!

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