How did I overcome skin cancer?

Leonor Pabón

Is it possible to overcome diseases such as cancer? Is it possible to improve our health by natural way?

Read or listen to this recovery testimony and see how it is possible to overcome illness.

I am going to tell a story, 16 years ago I was diagnosed with an aggressive skin cancer due to a very serious situation I had been through, at that time I was being seen at Comfenalco, I went and the oncologist came to the conclusion that I had to have surgery, because of the places where the cancer had appeared. I was always worried about it, so I accepted the surgery, but in any case I discussed it with my spiritual director because I felt a bit overwhelmed by how aggressive the operation was going to be, and he told me not to have the operation because the cancerous cells would go into the bloodstream and then metastasise and that in three or four years they would bury me, so I was like “Oh my God! He told me I know Father Antonio Gluten, he has done, and is doing very good work with people in your situation or even more serious, so he told me where to go, and I went to the hospital.I talked to him, and he told me that the first thing I had to do was to make a change in my diet, so I started to do it and to take care of myself and not to use so many things that have too many preservatives and all that, I began to understand and to realise that all those canned foods, all those things have a lot of preservatives, that all that was not good for my health, and after nine months, I was almost completely healthy, I was almost completely healthy, and I had a lot of health problems.he truth is that the cancer was disappearing, it was an impressive thing for me and I was very happy.

The little sisters who run the farm guided me to a meeting with Dr. Adriana and that was wonderful, because she gave me a very profound orientation about healthy food, about what things are good for you, how to prepare them, the amount of variety that you can have, and I started to change more consciously and, beyond that, more pleasantly.

Vegetables have a lot of things that make you not get sick, that make your health start to improve, and also the fact of doing exercise, because when you do exercise, you breathe better, you have healthier spaces and all that has changed me a lot and to be 75 years old and above all to feel that I have very good health, but it is incredible, I feel extremely well, even we have by inheritance, We are several women and we all have bone problems, osteoporosis and arthrosis and I have seen that with the change in my diet I have slowed down a little, because I see myself like my little sisters when I meet them and I see that their fingers have become quite crooked, I have that too, but my hands are quite right-handed, my fingers have not swollen, I see that diet is fundamental for good health.

It has been such a beautiful experience that during the pandemic my husband had to lock us in the flat and it was just the two of us, and then we began that experience and I think he really began to notice my vitality, how good I felt, all of that, and little by little he began to tell me: “Well, you know what, I would like to eat salad like you, but then the rest and you keep giving me the same and so on, Well, you know what, I would like to eat salad like you, but then the rest and you keep giving me the same and so on and when I least expected it, we both eat the same, well, he became completely vegetarian and you can see that his health has improved incredibly too, he is 80 years old, but his health, he had many problems, he suffers from diabetes, he also had problems with fatigue, he got a bit tired, so logically they had to give him these treatments and everything, but changing his diet has also given him a lot of vitality, it has improved him, the doctors don’t believe so much in food sometimes, however they have told him that we eat very well because the tests they do on us are very good and that this is helping us to have so much vitality, and they always congratulate us because they see that we are ageing very well, both of us.

Really, think about making a change and do it in time, because it is good to make those changes from a young age so that you can reach old age even better, so I love that and that is why I pass it on to you, so that you can do the same and can give yourselves a quality of life, which is important, having a good quality of life is worthwhile and that is why I tell you from my own experience.

Thank you very much, God bless you.

To be Bien Plantado,
and healthy for life!

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