How did I overcome my allergic dermatitis problems?

Alexis Vera

Is it possible to overcome skin problems without medication? Is there a way to reverse dermatological diseases naturally?

Read or listen to this recovery testimonial and see how it is possible to overcome illness naturally.

My name is Alexis Vera I am a lecturer and therapist in health issues, I live in Mexico City, in my beautiful country, Mexico, my job in my country is to help people to empower themselves in health and wellness issues.

I have known Doctor Adriana Cortés for about four years and I can assure you that since I met her, it changed a lot and also greatly improved my work as a professional and also my health, because although I had a path of health well-being, I had not been able to overcome an issue that was dragging related to the skin, my skin was very sensitive at certain times I experienced redness and also inflammation in different areas of skin was often accompanied by pimples or rashes that came, disappeared and reappeared, it was so delicate the subject of my skin that even with the exposure of the water, after bathing, I also saw these rashes appear, these pimples, sometimes even without being in touch with anything came those, reactions, and well, finally for some years I looked for different alternatives, without so much success, until I met Doctor Adriana and thanks to the advice, the prescriptions that she came to give me, with what today is called the Medicine of lifestyles, is that I noticed that about two months later most of the symptoms disappeared could be said in 90 almost 100%.

The truth is that I was very surprised by this reaction, I wondered how so fast modifying some things that needed to be modified and that I had not considered were achieved so good results.

So today I can say that a health and welfare program, or what today they call the medicine of lifestyles, well structured, with guidance, with the accompaniment of a professional person, as in my case I can indicate the Doctor Adriana Cortés definitely not only elevates the quality of life of people, not only prevents diseases, but also in those diseases that are progressing in a person, can manage to stop the progression of the disease or even overcome.

I am very grateful to Dr Adriana for her professionalism, for all the effort she puts into her work and for this great mission she has adopted to bring health, to bring well-being to people in Latin America, thank you very much doctor for your great work.

To be Bien Plantado,
and healthy for life!

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