2008: Diagnosed with Rheumathoid Arthritis 

Our History

CBP - Bien Plantado was born as a public health initiative in response to the ever growing crisis that Spanish and English speakers are experiencing all around the world as they are losing their lives to diseases and conditions that are largely reversible and completely preventable with effective lifestyle changes for the people who suffer them.
Officially founded in 2019 by Dr. Adriana Cortés and her mother Carmenza de Cortés, the Bien Plantado project —as an strategy to improve people's quality of life— has been in the hearts and minds of its founders since they saw the transformative power that optimal nutrition has to stop the course of a disease as deteriorating as the Rheumatoid Arthritis that Carmenza suffered in 2008.

After 7 years of being free of symptoms and preventing all the inflammation and joint deformations that this disease brings, Bien Plantado began to transform the lives of more than one hundred patients who received a simple but successful education in nutrition (see testimonials here) .
After seeing how this highly effective education made more than 80% of the patients transform their diet 100% from one day to the next, at Bien Plantado we began to see the possibilities of giving this same education at the group level to have greater reach and thus be able to benefit more people from this powerful information.

Not long after we gave our first seminar in 2019 to a group of athletes and sports fans, who obtained excellent results in terms of their physical performance, we realized that a support community after learning this powerful information was just as vital to lead a healthy lifestyle in a more fun, sustained and healthy way.

2019: First Bien Plantado seminar to a group of athletes

Online events with our community 

In this way, Bien Plantado starts giving online group seminars at the beginning of 2020, being able to offer more than forty 10-12 hour seminars and teach more than 1900 Spanish speakers who received this same educational strategy in different countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala and the United States among others.

Since this time onwards, Bien Plantado has created its best service: a knowingly interactive community, full of teachings and experiences, photos, traditional Latin-American recipes and testimonials of people who have acquired the knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle with the optimal nutrition for us as humans.

In 2022, Bien Plantado wants to share this successful educational strategy to English speakers around the world, since this is the moment where our humanity and our planet needs it the most, regardless of the language we speak.
Bien Plantado is established as a startup in Colombia dedicated to the education of the three most relevant aspects of optimal health and lifestyle, which allows not only to prevent, but to stop progress, or reverse the most prevalent chronic degenerative diseases today.
Bien Plantado teaches the concepts of optimal nutrition, stress management and exercise habits in an easy to understand and interactive way in group format through its Lifestyle Modification Program. Our core strategy allows each participant to obtain the necessary information to make a change in his or her diet from one day to the next and later receive constant support during their transition phase within a online support community with similar interests and objectives.
At Bien Plantado, we know from experience that once individuals make these changes in their lifestyle, they begin to reap results quickly, making them want to teach these knowledge to their families and communities. 

In order to empower participants in our community to teach these concepts in an effective way, we are creating a group of Leaders Bien Plantados, who are working towards achieving the public health objective that Bien Plantado has had since its origin: impacting the health of families and communities. Our aim is reflected in our acronym - CBP, which makes sense in Spanish, where C stands for the nine different levels we want to impact:
  • Comida: Food
  • ​Cocina: Kitchen
  • ​Cuerpo: Body
  • ​Conciencia: Consciousness
  • ​Casa: Home
  • ​Comunidad: Community
  • ​Colegios: Schools
  • ​Colombia
  • ​Continente: American Continent
Our mission

At BIEN PLANTADO we teach people to obtain positive results in their mental, emotional and physical health through changes in their current habits of the three fundamental areas in lifestyle: diet, stress management and exercise. We accompany people in their transition process to achieve a lasting transformation and build a truly healthy lifestyle. 
Our vision

BIEN PLANTADO will be the most used tool among Spanish-speakers interested in changing one or more aspects of their lifestyle to obtain optimal health with abundant vitality and will be recognized as the simplest and easiest-to-understand source of scientifically validated information that ends all the confusion and misinformation about how to achieve and lead a truly healthy lifestyle.

What our Community says about us


Carmen Rosa Ramos

Cardiovascular disease can be reversed and Carmen Rosa could do it at 74 years of age. It is possible!

Yolanda Rodriguez

Listen how she experienced recovery from her diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and overweight.

María Helena Higuera

Learn how María Helena by treating her osteoporosis resolved her 10 year history with hypothyroidism.

Sandra Rodriguez

Listen how Sandra reversed 3 autoimmune diseases by understanding nutrition and changing her lifestyle.

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